Mushroom Growing


Pieczarki Mazurskie is a family company which was established in 1988. It is located in northeastern Poland, in the region of Masuria. It is a land with huge amount of lakes and forests, which account for about 30% of the area. Due to the high afforestation rate and low indicator of urbanization and industrialization air in Masuria is very clean.


Currently company consists of several mushroom farms. Our whole mushroom growing surface is 19 000 m2 . All buildings are equipped with modern air-conditioning devices, which enable us to control growing parameters, such as temperature, humidity, air movement and carbon dioxide. Due to this we can provide appropriate conditions for mushrooms growing, so that they are of the highest quality.


The plant produces mushrooms in the Dutch technology. Group of skilled technologists is constantly watching the production process by keeping an eye on the behavior of the mushroom spawn during the growing cycle. Through careful observation and making good conclusions we can support high crops with the optimum use of the compost. We use our harvest area very intensively so as to provide the maximum number of cycles in a year. All mushrooms are harvested by hand, so we can provide a wide range of mushrooms with the highest quality and different sizes. After harvesting mushrooms go directly into vacuum cooling chamber, where they are quickly cooled to the temperature of 2°C. Then they are transported to the cold store, where they are prepare for sale. Low temperature keep the products in freshness for a long time. After growing all the rooms are thermal disinfected.

Compost Production



In our mushroom farms we use compost made in our own compost production facility. We have sufficient technical and engineering facility to make production process constant.



According to the excellent cooperation with suppliers, many years of experience, our own laboratory and professional management, we are able to produce the highest quality compost for our mushrooms.


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